Commercial Contractor Miami

Commercial Contractor Miami, FL

Bellon Construction Group is the commercial contractor Miami. We are a family owned and locally based company. Bellon Construction Group offers commercial remodeling Miami and reconstruction, retail construction, kitchen remodeling Miami and residential services. We service restaurants, multi-unit and multi-level commercial buildings, schools, offices, museums, store fronts, healthcare facilities, and retail units.

In South Florida’s climate, it is important for structures to be resistant to weather and storms. Bellon construction and remodeling projects recognize the importance of making sure that Miami structures are ready for the weather.

Commercial remodeling optimizes Miami retail space by making it more modern and more efficient. It may involve altering walls, re configuring internal spaces and constructing buildouts. We are experts in all facets of remodeling. Bellon Construction Group emphasizes the importance of first impressions on customers, and we plan remodeling projects around the importance of that impression to businesses.

Our retail construction takes into account the same basic approach that our remodeling projects do. Bellon Construction Group planners carefully coordinate construction so that all elements harmonize into a distinctive whole that will impress your Miami customers

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    Commercial Contractor Miami

    Commercial contractor miami

    Project Management from Start to Finish

    Our commercial contractor Miami provides residential services that include interior buildouts to maximize the efficiency of home spaces. We remodel kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, including all plumbing needs. Miami homeowners may decide to remodel their bathroom to better accommodate lifestyle changes, or they may want to update kitchens to make cooking more pleasant and efficient. Remodeling often modernizes the overall look of a home interior, which can add substantial value as well as convenience. Bellon Construction Group works carefully with Miami residents to achieve the exact look the homeowner wants.


    Commercial contractor miami

    Local Commercial Contractor Specialists

    Our employees are courteous and professional, and we make sure their training is constantly updated. We use only quality materials in our projects. We belong to a number o professional associations that assures the quality of our work. Call Bellon Construction Services and request a free estimate for your Miami project.

    Properties We Service:

    • Retail Units
    • Restaurants
    • Offices
    • Multi-unit and multi-level commercial building
    • Schools
    • Healthcare & Medical Facilities
    • Museums
    • Storefronts
    • and much more!
    Commercial Remodeling
    Commercial Remodeling