Commercial Remodeling

Bellon Construction Group offers commercial remodeling and interior build out services in Miami and Key Largo, FL. We are known as the most consistent and reliable construction company in all of South Florida. What sets us apart from our competitors is our exceptional service, professionalism, and affordable rates. We are family owned and locally based in South Miami providing construction services to all of South Florida.

Bellon Construction Group has done more than 40,000 commercial remodels in South Florida. That means we have experience with every conceivable kind of project, from small to very large. That means customers keep recommending us to other businesspeople; to generate that much remodeling business means that our reputation is excellent.

Commercial remodeling can include many kinds of projects. You might want to remodel restrooms to make them more accessible to handicapped customers, or more pleasing to employees. You might want to remodel your entrance area to give it a fresh new look. Or you might want to eliminate cramped and dark offices, to replace them with a workspace better in tune with contemporary business practices. This would have the added benefit of creating a more airy and better-lit space, which is also healthier.

Buildouts can add space and make the existing space more efficient. A remodel can improve customer flow and accessibility, while at the same time improving employee efficiency, such as traffic flows for wait staff. Remodels can also be simply a kind of facelift, making your commercial property look much more attractive and more contemporary. Customers do judge businesses by how their building looks, whether it is clean, maintained, and looks inviting.

We at Bellon consult closely with our clients at all phases of a project, from the initial concept till the project’s end.

Is your business growing? Are you thinking about expanding but your office or commercial space is too limited? When it comes to hiring a pro you can trust and depend on, look no further. Whether you plan to build a new office space or modernize the older one, Bellon Construction Group is here to help you. With a wide-range service list and years of experience in all kinds of commercial remodeling Miami and construction, Bellon Construction Group can assist you in transforming your business.

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    Commercial Remodeling Miami & Key Largo, FL

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    We Put Our Signature On Every Project

    Bellon Construction Group has a great deal of experience in commercial remodeling in Miami and Key Largo. We have completed thousands of projects of every kind and size, from restaurant entranceways and restroom remodels to major buildouts for large companies.

    We consult with our clients and their architects to plan a project from the initial concept through completion. We want clients to be crystal clear about how the project will affect their properties and how the remodel will improve how the property looks and functions. We set up a budget and a timeframe and we adhere to it. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises from a remodel project Bellon is working on.

    We’re in business, too. We understand how important it is that any disruption caused by a project be kept to an absolute minimum. We know that down time does not contribute to profit.

    So if you need a remodel of any size or kind, give Bellon Construction Group a call. We’re a business that understands what business needs.

    At Bellon Construction Group, we make sure we understand the outcome you desire and always work with a precise game plan. Our goal is to make sure your needs are not merely only met but exceeded. Are you looking to knock down walls and scale your business? The pros here at Bellon Construction Group will offer you affordable and customizable options for any and all build-outs. Get a Free Quote today.

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    Our Roofing Specialists

    Bellon Construction Group has experienced roofing contractors who can deal with flat or any type of pitched roof. From tile to shingles, our pros know how to execute the right way the first time. Our pros also know siding and exterior build outs very well. We will make certain that your commercial space not only appears beautiful but also withstands all the South Florida elements properly.

    Bellon Construction Group’s roofing contractor specialists are highly experienced. We can install new roofs on any kind of buildings, using any kind of roofing materials, whether tile, shingle or metal. We can also repair or replace roofs.

    Roofing isn’t just slapping a kind of a hat on top of a building. It involves the roof’s supporting structure, it involves gutter and water flow systems, and it involves integrating the roof architecturally with the rest of the structure so it functions well and looks good.

    In South Florida, roofs experience a lot of environmental stress, from storms and strong winds to drenching rain and merciless sunlight and heat. Roof protect the interior of your structure. Roofs protect your inventory, your work spaces, your customers and your employees. The best way to guarantee that a roof offers maximum protection and lasting protection is to be certain that it is done right. That’s what the roofing contractors at Bellon Construction Group do.

    Properties We Service:

    • Retail Units
    • Restaurants
    • Offices
    • Multi-unit and multi-level commercial building
    • Schools
    • Healthcare & Medical Facilities
    • Museums
    • Storefronts
    • and much more!
    Commercial Remodeling
    Commercial Remodeling