Fence-Hole Augering

Bellon Construction Group LLC offers fence-hole augering services for residential and commercial projects. Augering is the process of using augers to dig post holes, usually for building fences or decks. It may seem like it is a simple process, just using a tool to dig a post hole, but there’s more to it than that. An auger is an easy tool to use, if used properly. Used improperly, an auger can cause injury and even cause potential liability concerns. There may be local ordinances that specify the depth of post holes for various projects. A permit may be required.

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Fence-Hole Augering Services

Using an auger may result in other problems. In many areas, some utility systems are underground, such as water pipes, gas pipes, water mains, sewer systems, and other utility lines. If a homeowner or contractor is unfamiliar with augering damages one of these systems, this could result in legal issues or a big financial liability.

Fence-Hole Augering
Fence-Hole Augering

Leave Augering To The Professionals

It’s best to leave fence-hole augering to professionals. At Bellon, our crews are carefully trained. We work with the utility companies to locate their underground systems, and we are familiar with local requirements for licensing and project details. Call in the augering experts from Bellon Construction Group, and it will be done right. We are fully licensed and insured. Call us for a Free Estimate.

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